Membership Renewal

Have you paid your dues for 2024?

You can pay them online this year with our handy membership form.

Payments are made via Paypal, but a Paypal account is not necessary.

Individual membership $10, Family membership $15

5 days of coursing!

Lure operator: Terry Sayre

Trial Secretary: Heather Santella

FastCAT Premium and Entry form

CAT Premium and Entry form

More info and other premiums coming soon!

April 2024

Join us for 5 days of coursing events and 4 days of conformation at the Arkoma Cluster in Fayetteville, AR!

ENTRIES OPEN 8:00am, Central Time, Monday, February 26, 2024 

Conformation Show Premium

Handling classes

Classes are hosted by NSGRC, and currently on hold.

Find more information and updates on their website.